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This app is complete trash. EVERY SINGLE TIME that I try to get on, it tells me that I am not taking any classes. I have tried everything to try to fix this. It started doing this about 3 weeks ago and before that sometimes it would work and usually it wouldn't. When it did it was beyond slow and I don't understand how an app that does almost nothing can take so much time to load. The creators of this must either be incompetent or completely careless please fix.

Good when it works!

This app is perfect whenever its up and running, but right now none of my grades even show up for the 2nd semester, please fix this.

Annoyingly slow.

This app is complete crap. I am forced to use it because theres not other choice. First of all about 80 percent of the time it tells me that I am not enrolled in any classes, and this makes it where I cant see my grades. Obviously this is not the case, as I am a 10th grader and am taking all Honors and AP classes. I need to be able to see my grades. The other 20 percent of the time, when it does work, the app takes just under a minute to load, which is an insane amount of time for an app that doesnt do much. It is helpful when it does work, but there are many, many improvements this Home Access needs to make. The way it works is unacceptable.


Great update! Its really fast at loading and significantly easier to use the the browser version. Thanks for fixing the crashes and adding logout confirmation. 10/10 would recommend


Please update as soon as possible, as the app is two dollars, it does not work. The app hardly opens (it crashes after about two seconds each time). A couple of the people I know have this app and it works for them, I am not sure what is going on with it. Please look into it.

It keeps crashing

Fix it

Crashes immediately

I am sure this would be a great app if it didnt crash as soon as I turned it on. It must be a problem with ios8. Please fix!!


I really want to use this but it instantly crashes on iPhone 5


Crashes right away. Tried it on multiple devices with different internet connections and continues to crash! Please fix as this site it very useful for me to use!

Please fix

Keeps crashing!


I am having many troubles and so is my whole English class which my teacher recommended it to. It seems like a great app with great design/look but fixes need to be made ASAP.


Works great, does not crash for me and I have a iPhone 5, only thing I think needs adjustment is it should not only show your grades, but your transcript and attendance as well. I love how it shows your GPA though. GREAT APP!

Disappointing Crashes

I have a iPhone 5 and it crashed immediately. Not worth two dollars to have it crash on a phone that was "built for it"


App still crashes even with the update...

Simple and easy

The app works great for people who just want to check their grades to make sure theyre up without having to go through the Internet every time and kee re typing the password. Simple and easy design, and easy navigation, the app does not allow you to see your test scores from your elementary school years and all the tests youve taken from other years like the web version does (for me it does this Atleast, I dont know about anybody else) but honestly I dont need to check that, over all it is a great and simple app, allowing to check grades with one touch of the finger.


This app would be great if I could see my grades Ive had it about a month now and every time I try to go on it it crashes even with the new update!! But hope the creator can fix this real soon or its a 2 dollars that I wasted

Amazing and Convienient app!

I love this app so much, I am a sophmore in highschool and I work very hard to see my grades as all As. This application is easy because you just enter the url and enter your username and password. It also shows your grades for all quarters and your GPA! The only thing I wish it had was a tab that showed you your finals grades. Otherwise this is worth your time.

Never works

It takes forever to load, and crashes all the time, plus gpa score is unreliable

One problem

This is a nice app that always worked well for me but I got a new phone and now I cannot get the app because of the price change and I am very very displeased, seeing how it was formerly free


The app itself is decent, but the ability to see my grades is not worth paying for. Just use the Internet.

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