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myHAC - Home Access Center app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 9088 ratings )
Productivity Education
Developer: Diamond Apps, LLC
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.70, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 19 Oct 2014
App size: 13.51 Mb

myHAC allows students and parents full school-year access to their Home Access Center (HAC) in a more mobile friendly, iOS environment. Users can log in and only sign in once. Just like on the web version, you can view your grades and assignments, plus several new features exclusive to the app.

Note: myHAC works only with schools that use Home Access Center 3.0 and above.


-View classes and average for current school year

-View assignments and classwork for current school year

-View details for each assignment

-Receive alerts for new assignments (students only)

-View current academic and overall GPA

-One click access to report cards and transcripts

-Remember me feature - only have to sign in once

-View grades from past runs as well as all runs combined

-View profile complete with student demographics

Parents Only:

-Access grades for each of your currently enrolled students

-Navigate between students with a picker and view specific classwork assignments

Disclaimer: This application is not affiliated with SunGard® K-12 Education.

Latest reviews of myHAC - Home Access Center app for iPhone and iPad

This app is complete trash. EVERY SINGLE TIME that I try to get on, it tells me that I am not taking any classes. I have tried everything to try to fix this. It started doing this about 3 weeks ago and before that sometimes it would work and usually it wouldn't. When it did it was beyond slow and I don't understand how an app that does almost nothing can take so much time to load. The creators of this must either be incompetent or completely careless please fix.
Good when it works!
This app is perfect whenever its up and running, but right now none of my grades even show up for the 2nd semester, please fix this.
Annoyingly slow.
This app is complete crap. I am forced to use it because theres not other choice. First of all about 80 percent of the time it tells me that I am not enrolled in any classes, and this makes it where I cant see my grades. Obviously this is not the case, as I am a 10th grader and am taking all Honors and AP classes. I need to be able to see my grades. The other 20 percent of the time, when it does work, the app takes just under a minute to load, which is an insane amount of time for an app that doesnt do much. It is helpful when it does work, but there are many, many improvements this Home Access needs to make. The way it works is unacceptable.
Great update! Its really fast at loading and significantly easier to use the the browser version. Thanks for fixing the crashes and adding logout confirmation. 10/10 would recommend
Please update as soon as possible, as the app is two dollars, it does not work. The app hardly opens (it crashes after about two seconds each time). A couple of the people I know have this app and it works for them, I am not sure what is going on with it. Please look into it.
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