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Update !

Every time i try to log in it says connection error even if I’m on cellular or on WiFi and this has been going on for months now. But it is only the app ?! I can log in just fine on the website

Wrong average

I am on iOS 7.1.2, and everytime I open this app, the averages are all wrong. I know you pushed an update out to fix this bug but you left out iOS 7 support! Please fix this, I had to buy this app with money!



Amazing, well-functioning app!

This app is amazing! I had some issues and I sent the owner an email and he emailed me back immediately! I definitely recommend this app to everyone.

Good app but...

This app was functionally well until the app asked for a renewal fee. I’m a bit disappointed about that.

Renewal Fee, Sad.

App was great until I updated it and got hit with a second renewal fee to see my grades. Do not update. Now I just use a safari shortcut to the HAC website.


Fantastic app- I use it all day every day! Is the GPA weighted or unweighted?

Good App keeps crashing

App keeps crashing in the last two days

LOVE It BUT could use some updates

I really love this app! It’s a great way for student like me to keep up to date on grades. Since it’s been out, I’ve noticed that the GPA calculator doesn’t weight scores. For instance AP and Honors classes. I’d LOVE that addition :) also, it’s been out for sometime and would love a design change but hey, couldn’t ask for anything else :)


The app has been crashing every single time I open it lately and I would either like it to be fixed or have my money back.


I paid money to look at my grades on the go. I didn’t pay to look at it for 5 seconds than for it to crash. Not a reliable app

Great app if not for some issues

Normally this app is great, but just recently it has been crashing within seconds of opening it. I'm on an iphone 7, ios 10.3.2. Not sure why the reviews are so bad otherwise, it's a really convenient app

Too many crashes.

Title says it all, this app crashes way too much. I don’t even have a chance to check my grades.


I cannot use the app for more that 5 seconds without it crashing. I'm on an iPhone 7 iOS 10.3.3

Made me keep Paying even Though I already did

This app is super helpful and a great design. However, it makes you pay each year $1.99 to renew your use. That’s not a big issue, except I recently got a new phone and I already bought the 2017-2018 use and now it wants me to pay again. I’m a little disappointed in this design and not paying.

LOTS of issues!!

The idea of this app is great, but there are lots of issues. Despite the reviews I took the plunge and got this app, but it's terrible!! I go on to check my grade, and if I'm lucky I see it for 2 seconds before the app shuts down and takes me back to the home page of my phone. Super disappointed with this purchase


It says I have a 51% in math but I actually have a much higher grade.

Shuts down

I log in ok see my child’s grades then in 5 seconds it disappears and it takes me back to my home screen. The app just closes out. Have used this app last two years with no issues! I have the latest version. Help!


I’ve been using this app for 3 years now and all of a sudden I found a glitch. All my grades are in the 900’s and showing all my grades as A+ even though I have some B’s. Please fix this issue!

Why though

I paid $3 for this app. Could it Atleast work? Doesn’t show correct grades for the marking period

Please help

I bought this app and used it for a year. Paid again even though it never stated that it was a yearly fee and now it won’t even work!


We already paid for this app, and now we have subscription fees? Waste of money considering there are other apps like this.

Won’t let me see anything

It just tells me there is a connection error when I’m connected to the internet. I don’t know if it’s because of my school district, Calvert County, or because it’s just not working, but I want a refund please. It’s not worth my time when I can just go online.

Why charge so much to download

Why charge so much to download then I have to renew??? If I knew before I downloaded I wouldn't have. Very disappointed.

Money pit!

Great app but paying each year on each device is beyond annoying. I hope our school is considering a different app.

Ridiculous you have to pay to get the app then a year plan

The app is amazing but making us pay twice is just dirty please remove im asking. Its a great app i must say

Worth it then, not now

When it was first a $2.99 payment, it was totally worth it. It worked great and simplified everything. Now that it's an annual fee, it's not worth it. I already paid for this app, not 1 year of it. This is false advertising.

Read pls

Best app for grades but u might want to cancel the yearly subscription

Are you insane?

I'm going to pay for a $3 app to tell me my grades and now I have to pay $2 a year for it. That's unnecessary. The app doesn't even work half the time.

Bad app!!!

Why do I have to pay for a subscription? I downloaded this thinking I would just have to pay a one time fee, but now surprise surprise it's yearly? Don't buy this app, it's terrible. If I could give it no stars I would.


I payed money for this app and now it's telling me I have to pay yearly?!?? It's literally just an app for checking grades not worth paying more money. Check yourself home access

App doesn't work

I bought the app and have yet to be able to use it. Every time I try it says there is an error.

Won't even log in

I don't even know if the app is good, it would let me log in. Paid three dollars, bad app

Can't log in

Update broke it

Not working

I would love to have a app to check my grades which is what I thought I was going to have when I paid $3 for this app but when I try to log in it will not let me

Charged for a free app

I don't usually pay for apps which is why I downloaded this since it was free. now weeks after i downloaded it I get charged 3$???

Great app but..

I love being able to check my grades any time I want and keep track of my GPA and averages, but it's hard to log in sometimes because of the error. It's really frustrating to have to deal with that especially after paying money for this app. If it finally gets fixed then the app is perfect

Excellent Help

Finals week coming up and the app won't work for me. Email the creator of the app and within the same day emails me back and helps figure out the problem. A couple days later an update is released and my problem is fixed. Really great, thanks!

Works well

This is a great app for checking your kids grades if your school uses Home Access. I really love the GPA calculator.


The app doesn't work properly and no matter what I do it won't let me log in, not and admin problem, just the app itself.

This app is a must need

This app works great and makes it so easy to check grades and GPA

Paid $. Won't Work

It keeps telling me to connect to the internet. I am connected to the internet. It's not working

Best App Ever

Love this App! Not only is it incredibly convenient and easy to use, the support is outstanding! I had a question with login and received an immediate response. Good stuff!

Not worth $$

Considering that the app only provides a fraction of what the free internet version does, you can't justify paying $2 for it.

Wasted Two Dollars??

this app is crashing, not logging me in and not loading properly. i hope an update will come at some point because this app was a complete waste of two dollars

No good. 👎🏻

I cannot login to the app. Worthless. No support when contacting creator. Stay away until improvements. :-(


I love the app worth the 2 dollars! The only thing that would make this app better would be if it showed the average for each part of the class like the homework average class work average etc. buy the app!

Worth the $$ ONCE

I love this app, because it gives me quick and easy access to see my grades on the fly. When I am in a jam and need to check what I am missing or what is due, I love how the app is quick and mobile friendly enough to do the just that. It is worth the $$ for the app itself, BUT they definitely ruin it with the "renewal fee" for each new school year. I feel like without the renewal fee, it would be getting a lot more money from us anyways because it really makes it quick and easy, but renewal fees aren't worth it. No one is going to buy this app and keep paying every year for longer than they "have" to. The actual website is truly a horrendous mess when it comes down to being used on a mobile device, and I think it is 73% reasonable to pay ONCE to be able to have easy access to your grades on your phone when you need to. Using the website on your phone can be very frustrating, but what is more frustrating is that this app is making me pay to see things I worked/ am working hard for, what I missed/ am missing in my classes, and what I need in order to graduate. WE ALREADY PAY SO MUCH FOR SCHOOLING AND LIFE, WHY MUST I PAY MULTIPLE TIMES IN ORDER TO SEE THE THINGS THAT ARE HELPING ME BUILD A BETTER FUTURE FOR MYSELF AND OTHERS? ~I mean no hate, but I am just frustrated and tight on money at the moment. I nearly killed my friend with my phone when I saw this "renewal fee" pop up in my HAC because of how mad I was

Not worth $1.99 each year

I'm furious I just paid $1.99 for a new school year! It's ridiculous to charge each's more ridiculous the app isn't completely free. The only thing you can see is your child's grades and homework teacher info, days absent info, announcement/messaging capability. Totally NOT worth $1.99 EACH year! My advice: Just forget the app and login on the Internet for free.

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